How long does it take to scrape a website?

I am comparing Agenty with other web scraping tool like Octoparse and Mozenda. Can you please suggest how long does it take to scrape a website in Agenty?

It’s not that easy to say how long it will take. You’d need to provide few details to suggest how long it will take to complete your web scraping job, for example -

  1. How many pages you are crawling?
  2. What is your pricing plan?
  3. What is the website URL you are crawling? How fast is that?
  4. Are you using Agenty proxies or your own?
  5. Do you have JavaScript / Images load enabled in your web scraping engine

And lot more to ask before to suggest how long it will take. The best way to get an idea will be to run a small scraping job with let’s say 1000 URLs.

If I looking for general web scraping benchmark - Then, here is a simple test result we performed on 1000 pages in different plans with 1, 3, and 5 workers respectively.

web scraping benchmark