How do I extract email from websites online?

I have list of around million websites. How can I extract the email address from their about or contact page automatically without writing the agent for each?

Let me know if there are any tutorial or video to extract bulk emails.

Use this REGEX option with this expression: (^[\w.-]+@(?=[a-z\d][^.].)[a-z\d.-][^.]$)

This will find and scrape all valid emails on any website URL you crawl, here is my test on Rubular site - with this test string which extracted all 6 valid emails.

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Github link with example HTML -

Then create an agent (you may clone any sample agent) and follow the steps:

  1. Go to edit tab
  2. Add/Edit a field and change the Type : REGEX
  3. Enter your regex expression and Group : 1

Save it and enter(or upload) the URL to extract emails from all the websites.

Edit - Updated to new REGEX with some correction.